Tornatech is a Canadian fire pump designer and manufacturer with over thirty-four years of experience designing and manufacturing UL listed and FM approved fire pump controllers.
At Jersey Fire Protection, we are proud to offer Tornatech fire pump controllers, bringing you the latest and greatest in technology. You can count on Tornatech’s products just as much as you can count on Jersey Fire Protection to install them properly, inspect them correctly, and maintain them impeccably.

Tornatech Fire Pump Controllers

Tornatech’s fire pump controllers are updated frequently and regularly, bringing in the best innovations in component technologies and engineering.

Why Choose Jersey Fire Protection

At Jersey Fire Protection, we have decades of experience, working with every type of structure, environment and suppression and control technology on the market. We work only with the best manufacturers, and our installations, inspections, and maintenance are meticulous.
We understand that you’re putting your trust in our hands, and we can guarantee you that we take that responsibility extremely seriously.

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