Armstrong Fluid Technology

Armstrong Fluid Technology is a very highly-respected leading designer and manufacturer of various fluid systems. These include hydro-conductors and lines, HVAC pumps and controls, hydraulic systems, and of course, fire pumps. They have decades of experience developing advanced, reliable, high-volume pumps that last. This is why, when it comes to pump systems, we wholeheartedly recommend Armstrong Fluid Technology.


Armstrong Fluid Technology Fire Pumps

Each fire sprinkler system design is unique and may require a fire pump depending on a number of factors including the available water supply, building height, and occupancy classification. Armstrong’s fire pumps can be ordered in various configurations tailored to the specific engineering requirements. As a design build contractor, it is our responsibility to choose the right fire pump for your project.














Armstrong Fluid Technology Jockey Pumps

What’s a jockey pump? In short, jockey pumps are used to maintain pressure in fire sprinkler systems. A drop in pressure beyond a specific threshold will be detected by the jockey pump’s electronic controller and will automatically activate the pump. Armstrong’s Vertical MultiStage Pumps are among the most reliable and well respected jockey pumps in the industry. Not all jockey pumps are the same and each one needs to be carefully selected based on a number of factors to suit your fire sprinkler system needs.

















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